For over a quarter of a century, our business and our passion has been the wholesale distribution of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Around 75 competent employees and managers ensure an assortment of the very latest products at the very best prices. Every year, from our headquarters in Holzmaden (near Stuttgart), we ship up to 4 million devices to over 2,500 satisfied resellers in more than 50 countries all over the world.

TelePart – the best of both worlds

We claim to be your first contact in terms of product selection, prices and availability for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets

We take special care in the forward-looking selection of our product range and have developed the reputation to constantly stock all relevant brands and products - with success, as our 2,500 customers worldwide confirm again and again However, we are in the market long enough to know that the world continues to turn. Today's highly acclaimed premium manufacturer may have vanished in insignificance tomorrow. On the other hand, new manufacturers can reach the forefront of international mobile business within a very short time.

You remember:

• When Samsung launched its first steps on the market with the first mobile phones, they were even ridiculed by experts
• When Apple announced it was breaking new ground with the iPhone, the same experts predicted a sudden failure

The rest is history...

The mobile world is changing fast!

Today, around half of the world market of around 2 billion devices p.a. is determined by Chinese manufacturers, many of whom we do not even know in Europe. These diverse manufacturers have one thing in common - they want to and will open up the European market, offering technologically excellent devices at consumer-friendly prices.

Huawei is certainly the furthest in the field and has made it to the top 5 worldwide in just a few years and is undoubtedly assigned to the "established world" today. Others will follow.

We see our task as bridging the gap between the mobile world of today and the world of tomorrow: Summarised under the slogan "The best of both worlds", we act as an established generalist for smartphones and tablets of Europe's leading brands, such as Apple and Samsung. On the other hand, with our team of experts we are market insiders and recognized specialist for today already attractive and lucrative newcomers preferably from China, as currently for example Cubot, Xiaomi, Meizu.

We use our international market networking and, in addition to our attractive standard range, have already put together the most exclusive selection of Chinese smartphones in Europe, thus living in the same way today and tomorrow.

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Get the best of both worlds!

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