For over a quarter of a century, our business and our passion has been the wholesale distribution of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Around 75 competent employees and managers ensure an assortment of the very latest products at the very best prices. Every year, from our headquarters in Holzmaden (near Stuttgart), we ship up to 4 million devices to over 2,500 satisfied resellers in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Huawei Huawei

The Chinese worldwide benchmark with upside potential

From network provider to number 2* in the worldwide mobile communications sector ‒ with its around 180,000 personnel and profound expertise when it comes to the OEM branch (Vodafone), Huawei is a trendsetter among Chinese brands and the benchmark for all other mobile phone businesses. Its extensive product portfolio in the upper mid-range segment means that the company is in the 'Samsung class' and has acquired considerable market segments from the sector leader without forfeiting its status as a 'free spirit'.

*Source: IDC, Q2/2018



Xiaomi Xiaomi

The full range provider ‒ now among the top five* worldwide

This Chinese market leader places emphasis on high-end products at a low price. Its slogan is 'Making quality technology accessible to everyone' and its products have long ceased to be insider's tips known only to techies. Xiaomi offers a vast range of products from entry-level devices to the 'iPhone killer' MI MIX 2. Although only founded in 2010, the company was one of China's top five firms by 2014, demonstrating that it knows its business and how to use the dynamics of the mobile phone branch to its advantage.

*Source: IDC, Q1/2018



Cubot Cubot

Sophisticated technology and top user value ‒ smartphones for a wide range of consumers

With its corporate slogan 'Simple and trust' this company sells quintessential consumer products aimed at price-conscious users from young to old who are looking for value for money. Founded as recently as 2012, the company is able to use its many years of experience in the OEM sector to compete with the top Chinese brands. Cubot places emphasis on ensuring that its smartphones, which employ only sophisticated and tried-and-tested technology, are easy to operate and use.



ONE+ Oneplus

A member of the Chinese elite with the potential to become a premium distributor

The manufacturer ONE+ enjoys a special status among Chinese brands as it launches just one single model per year on the market. Each of these are absolutely high-end and represent serious competition for the devices of the market leaders (iPhone, Samsung, etc.). The high production standards mean that the ONE+ devices are always in the upper price segment (€500+). The high technological aspirations of the brand are attributable to the fact that the firm was founded by engineers.



Blackview Blackview

The Chinese outdoor product specialist with high technological standards

Blackview is a specialist manufacturer of tough, rugged smartphones and in this respect is on an equal footing with CAT, offering comparable technology but at more favourable prices. The company has even gone one step further and has developed the BV9000 Pro, the first 18:9 ratio waterproof and shockproof smartphone. Blackview thus has considerable potential to become a major player in the growing rugged smartphone sector. Blackview also supplies 'standard' devices that are excellent value for money with designs that attract not just fans of the great outdoors.

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