For over a quarter of a century, our business and our passion has been the wholesale distribution of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Around 75 competent employees and managers ensure an assortment of the very latest products at the very best prices. Every year, from our headquarters in Holzmaden (near Stuttgart), we ship up to 4 million devices to over 2,500 satisfied resellers in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Chinese Brands - Xiaomi

The full range provider ‒ now among China's top five

This Chinese market leader places emphasis on high-end products at a low price. Its slogan is 'Making quality technology accessible to everyone' and its products have long ceased to be insider's tips known only to techies.

Xiaomi offers a vast range of products from entry-level devices to the 'iPhone killer' MI MIX 2. Although only founded in 2010, the company was one of China's top five firms by 2014, demonstrating that it knows its business and how to use the dynamics of the mobile phone branch to its advantage.

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