Discount Distribution?

Why are we banking on discount distribution when the rest of the world seems to think value-added distribution is the magic solution?

The answer is simple – it’s because more than 2500 customers worldwide prove to us day after day that our choice is the right one! Thanks to our discount strategy, which is almost unique in today’s marketplace, we’ve come out on top and registered truly incredible successes.

What does our discount strategy mean in the context of mobile phone distribution?

In a nutshell, our discount strategy requires uncompromising focus on the core performance wholesaler parameters:

  • Favourable prices over the long term
  • Reliably high level of availability of products across whole range
  • Lean and client-friendly processes
  • Provision of around-the-clock access to all relevant information
  • Top-quality logistics services

To achieve this, we exclude all non-essentials that might tend to undermine this strategy. Hence, you will find that we do not offer seminars, in-house fairs and have no field force – all factors that could distract you from your genuine business concerns. Our whole organisation has been pared to a minimum, so that we have only as much management as is absolutely necessary, we do not have a staff departments and our external service providers know that efficiency is what we are all about.

Who benefits from our discount business model?

As everyone knows, a transaction is only a good transaction when all parties involved profit from it. Our discount strategy is designed to make sure that we manage to comply in full with this principle:

  • Our customers benefit because we always have top-quality, competitively priced products available, our transactions are straightforward and professional and they have access to the relevant information 24/7.
  • Our suppliers benefit because they not only value our performance capacities and our short decision-making pathways but also have the advantage of our rapid and clear-cut transaction system.
  • Our (sales) team benefits because our superb range availability means that they can go flat out – supported by an organisation that will responsibly get the wheels turning.

Just how sustainable is discount distribution?

We adopted our discount strategy in 2001 and since then have been astonished day for day by the steadily growing demand from the market. We have already been dealing with a lot of our business partners for many years. This is probably the reason why the vast majority of our new customers come to us because we have been recommended by someone else.

Our team is highly motivated and persistently provides proof that the TelePart discount model is an exciting strategy that offers a rewarding way forward. New employees speak time and again of a special ‘TelePart spirit’ that inspires even those with many years’ experience of working in the sector to reach new heights of achievement.

Wait a minute...isn’t this just a load of old hat?

OK…but we’d be the last to claim that our business model is something completely innovative or even the philosopher’s stone when it comes to telecommunications product distribution. We know better than to look down our noses at our value-added colleagues.

What our discount strategy represents is a deliberate return to really traditional business values and a focus on the essential aspects of the wholesale trade. We have also learned that our zeroing in on specific aspects in this way is perceived both internally and externally as being a significant supplementary advantage.

We have nothing against being considered ‘old-fashioned’ with this in view!

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