The 4 disciplines to become a Dragon Champion:

1st discipline: Number of XIAOMI smartphones/tablets purchased
The more XIAOMI products you buy from us during the campaign period, the higher your points balance will automatically grow.
You can win from as few as 50 devices.
2nd discipline: Number of MEIZU smartphones/tablets purchased
You are a winner in this discipline as soon as you have ordered at least 20 MEIZU products from us during the campaign period.
You can win from as few as 20 devices.
3rd discipline: Turnover days with Chinese Brands
Stamina is required. For every day on which you place an order for smartphones or tablets from selected Chinese manufacturers *1) with us, you earn one point.
You can win from as few as 20 turnover days.
4th discipline: Number of different Chinese Brands
Diversity is key! Increase your points balance every time you place an order with us for products from another selected Chinese manufacturer.
You can win from as few as 6 different brands.
*1) Within the meaning of this bonus campaign the brands included are XIAOMI, MEIZU, Huawei, Lenovo, Cubot, Elephone, Kenxinda, Blackview, Nubia and OnePlus.

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