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25 years of TelePart
But we are not resting on our laurels!

TelePart’s roots go back to 1991. Originally established as a retail company for office communication, the opportunities presented by the, at that time, new mobile communications sector were identified early on and the firm rapidly developed to become an efficient telecommunications wholesaler.

Since 2008, the company has successfully pursued a strategy of expanding abroad and now generates over 90 percent of its turnover outside Germany - predominantly in Europe. A success story that has, of course, found a number of imitators.

There is one thing that TelePart has not become after 25 years: tired.

More than ever, the company stands out for its untiring pioneering spirit and its ability to change, but it has also never lost sight of the fact that it must go on proving itself to its customers.

TelePart’s philosophy is well summed up by the slogan “Revolution & Tradition”!

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