The TelePart Group is headed by an experienced management team, whose members complement one another both personally and professionally.

Hans-Jürgen Kenntner
CEO - TelePart GmbH

Oliver Klein
Managing Director Operations - TelePart GmbH

Thomas Gerlach
Managing Director Sales - TelePart Distribution GmbH

Patrick Kilper
Managing Director Purchase - TelePart Distribution GmbH

Ralf Achatz
Head of Finance & Controlling

Christof Classen
Head of Marketing

Simon Corvaia
Head of Product Management

Tobias Günzel
Head of Sales Region DACH

Antonis Ioannidis
Head of Sales Southern Europe

Alice Kolberg
Head of After Sales, Service & Customs

Stéphane Leclercq
Head of Sales Region Western Europe

Steven Morgan
Head of Sales Region
Northern/ Eastern Europe & Overseas

Alexander Pohl
Head of Information Technology

Victor Staszni
Head of Logistics

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