Per oltre un quarto di secolo, il nostro business e la nostra passione sono stati la vendita all’ingrosso di telefoni cellulari, smartphone e tablet. Circa 75 dipendenti e manager competenti garantiscono un assortimento dei prodotti più recenti ai prezzi migliori. Ogni anno, dalla nostra sede centrale di Holzmaden (vicino a Stoccarda) spediamo fino a 4 milioni di dispositivi a oltre 2.500 rivenditori soddisfatti in più di 50 Paesi in tutto il mondo.

The world of mobile communications is undergoing rapid transformation!

The mobile communications market has always been characterised by ongoing evolution with regard to manufacturers, models, technologies and design.

Most recently, Chinese manufacturers have come to increasingly dominate the sector and have begun to appear on the international stage offering very appealing technologically sophisticated and yet low-priced devices. Those who dismiss these out of hand - perhaps because of preconceptions - as typical 'Chinese junk' will rapidly discover that this is anything but the case. Even when it comes to design, the products emanating from China can hold their own in comparison with long-established brands. It thus comes as no surprise to learn that Chinese manufacturers are going from strength to strength, rapidly gaining market share and covering almost 50% of the world market.


Are you missing out on getting in on half of the mobile communications market?

"We identified the trend in favour of Chinese smartphones early on and see our future in bridging the gap between the mobile communications markets of today and tomorrow."  
Hans-Jürgen Kenntner, CEO

TelePart, your reliable supplier of Chinese smartphones!

Throughout Europe, we are considered to be the go-to address for those wishing to acquire Chinese devices. We have a selected range of appropriate brand devices at attractive prices that can be supplied from stock. Moreover, we have a support team staffed by native speakers who are dedicated to Chinese smartphones putting us in a strong position for the mobile communications world of the future. Not only this - we already have tomorrow's devices in stock today. Our exclusive selection of smartphones produced by the leading Chinese manufacturers is particularly popular with our business partners.

Overview of our Chinese smartphones:



The figures speak for themselves

As pointed out, almost half of the world market is now controlled by Chinese manufacturers- although many of these manufacturers are hardly household names in Europe. But these manufacturers all have one thing in common - they are currently in the process of tapping into the European market by offering technologically advanced devices at consumer-friendly prices. Indeed, in many cases, they are taking on a pioneering role with regard to technologies.

Huawei is here undoubtedly in the vanguard and in just a few years has managed to make it into the top five of mobile device manufacturers.

This development, which until recently was not immediately apparent, is becoming more and more evident. Fortunately, we at TelePart recognised what was coming at an early stage and invested accordingly in the sector.

Operating in accordance with our slogan "The best of both worlds", we are not only a standard supplier of the mobiles and tablets of brands already well established in Europe, such as Apple and Samsung, but thanks to our team of experts, we are also a market insider and recognised specialist distributor of the attractive and lucrative newcomers from China, such as the products of the CUBOT, Xiaomi and Blackview brands.

We have an extensive international market network in place and can thus offer, as well as the usual models, the most exclusive selection of Chinese smartphones to be found anywhere in Europe, so that we have our feet firmly in both worlds - those of today and tomorrow.

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