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31.01.2019 | Apple overtakes Samsung

In the fourth quarter, Apple was able to capture the top position in the global smartphone market of Samsung. But the big winner over the year is Huawei.

At the moment there is a lot of movement in the global smartphone market: After last year Huawei overtook Apple in the second quarter and advanced to second place, the US group strikes back in the fourth quarter and overtakes according to the market researchers of Canalys also the previous market leader Samsung ,

However, the results were not considered very positive in Cupertino to be understood, because in a year-on-year shrunken by 6 percent to 362 million devices shrunken overall iPhone sales fell year-on-year even by 7.3 percent. Compared to the weak third quarter, however, the Apple sales rose sharply from 47 to 72 million devices, which brought the first place. In the models, the XR sold best with 22 million pieces, followed by the XS Max (14 million) and XS (9 million).

Samsung saw a decline in sales of around two million units compared to the third quarter. However, this was lower than in the market as a whole, so the market share increased slightly to 19.4 percent. The big winner was once again Huawei with a 47.3 percent increase in sales compared to the fourth quarter of last year. The market share grew thereby from 10.6 to 16.7 per cent, which brought in view of the growth of Apple only the third place. The other positions are followed by the Chinese manufacturers Oppo and Xiaomi.


Source:, January 31st 2019

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