For over a quarter of a century, our business and our passion has been the wholesale distribution of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Around 75 competent employees and managers ensure an assortment of the very latest products at the very best prices. Every year, from our headquarters in Holzmaden (near Stuttgart), we ship up to 4 million devices to over 2,500 satisfied resellers in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Our procurement policy – global sourcing

We have excellent connections to all relevant international procurement markets in the mobiles & more industry. For many years we have been nurturing our trusted business relations with national and international suppliers.

Quite a few of our procurement partners started small and have since grown through and with TelePart. Envy? Never ever - as we all know, a good deal (and thus also a business relationship) is never good unless all parties involved benefit by it. This traditional businessman's proverb has for years been ingrained in our corporate culture.

Our expertise in the international market and networking enables us to consistently keep a comprehensive range of products on offer - aligned with market demands and at competitive prices. And all of this is stocked and ready!


What we expect from our procurement partners:

What we offer our procurement partners:

Would you like to cooperate with us as your procurement partner?

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